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Muffin Tin Lunch

January 13, 2012

The kids are having a muffin tin lunch today. The first time we had one was almost 3 years ago when we were doing a unit about nutrition, and we found foods from each food group to put into our muffin tin. (The links in that previous blog post will now take you to choosemyplate.gov, because they use a plate now instead of a pyramid.)

We have had muffin tin lunches many times since then, and the kids really like this fun way of preparing and serving lunch. I have seen a lot of variations on different websites and blogs, including themed muffin tin lunches. Ours are usually just whatever we have on hand that will fit. I usually let the kids help think of things to put in, and we always have chocolate chips in one section for a treat! It is just a way to add some variety to lunch time. Here is a picture of our lunch today:


And yes, those are French Toast sticks leftover from JonDavid’s breakfast out with Daddy this morning.

If you have muffin tin lunches, feel free to share your ideas in the comments. If not, give them a try :-).


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